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Bathing Your Dog After A Hike Or Swim

Aug 18, 2016|By Dylan Fisher
Dogs love to get dirty. In fact, an argument could be made that if a dog is always clean, he is not getting enough exercise on a daily basis. Summertime brings outdoor adventures, and outdoor adventures bring home smelly dogs.
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The Do's and Dont's of Cooling Down Your Dog this Summer

Jul 27, 2016|By Dylan Fisher
When the warm weather of summer arrives, we love to venture outside and soak up the rays. Naturally, you want to bring your dog with you during your summer adventures, but you must always keep in mind that dog's do not respond to heat the same way we do.
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4 Ways To Exercise With Your Pup

Jul 13, 2016|By Dylan Fisher
Our dogs make for great workout partners, and, like us, too many pups are not getting enough exercise. So, why not partner up for some exercise with your furry best friend? We guarantee they will never say no.
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