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Maker Monday: Meet KILL CLIFF and Pure Genius Provisions

Sep 26, 2016|By Marta Oddone
These two Makers have been busy over the last week--we caught them both at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD and we couldn't be more proud to be working with these great brands! We always look forward to meeting our Makers out in the community at events and conferences. We love being able to see their passion for their business, and not to mention sample their latest product innovations, but even better is getting to see them win an award! A big congratulations to Pure Genius Provisions for winning the NEXTY award for Best New Dessert!


Founded in 2011 by a Navy SEAL, KILL CLIFF was created as a clean recovery drink to help replenish your body after a workout, but without all the sugar and other additives found in traditional sports or energy drinks.  All 5 flavors contain a vitamin blend, plant extract and enzyme blend, and electrolytes to help you recover.  No sugar, 15-20 calories, and incredibly tasty. Perfect for after a long workout (...or a long night out).

KILL CLIFF has also now added a line of cold brew coffees to their line up. Fair Trade Certified, made with 100% organic Arabica beans, and slow brewed for 24 hours, this coffee is as smooth and clean as it gets.  A clean, high-octane cold brew to get after the day.

We also love that KILL CLIFF maintains an Official Partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation. A portion of proceeds from every can sold goes to supporting these warriors and their families. KILL CLIFF is an incredibly cool, mission driven company with an equally awesome line of products that you need to try!

Pure Genius Provisions

Former health journalist and certified health coach Nancy Kalish had a sweet tooth. But how could she indulge both her need for sweets and her desire to eat healthy? She pulled together all her knowledge in the health field along with all the pots and pans in her Brooklyn kitchen, and got cooking!

One year later, she had her final product perfected. Created using the most unsuspecting of ingredients, Pure Genius Provisions' brownies and blondies combine GMO-free, gluten-free oats, flax and beans (yes, beans!) to make a delicious treat that weighs in at under 200 calories! They each contain more than 40% garbanzo beans, mixed with other sweet ingredients so that there’s no bean-y taste, just protein, fiber and healthy fats. 

We love that nobody has to miss out on the fun - the brownies and blondies are gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, soy-free, and kosher. Find Pure Genius Provisions’ deliciously sweet snacks here on Direct Eats. 

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