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Maker Monday: Meet MySuperFoods and Natural Sins

Sep 19, 2016|By Marta Oddone
This Maker Monday we sat down with the founders of MySuperFoods and Natural Sins to learn a little more about them. Read our Q&A with them to find out their stories and what makes their brands unique!


MySuperFoods company was founded in July 2011 by Katie Jesionowski and Silvia Gianni, two New Jersey moms with 5 kids between them. From the beginning, Katie and Silvia set out to create a healthy food and lifestyle brand devoted to producing non-GMO, nutrient-dense food for kids age 2-12. In September 2012, they launched their first product – MySuperSnacks Granola Bites, which are now sold in nearly 1000 stores across the country and online and have been featured in publications such as Parents Magazine, and New Jersey Magazine.

1. Does your company have any kind of social mission?
Yes, at the heart of the company is the mission to help end child hunger in the USA.  We donate 100K meals through partnerships with local food banks in New York City, New Jersey and Washington state. This year we will expand to food banks in California and Ohio, with the long term goal of partnering with food banks in every state. In August we launched "Pack a Lunch, Give Back a Lunch", a social media driven campaign that promises to donate one meal for every lunch tagging MySuperFoods that includes MySuperSnacks or MySuperCookies.

2. Why is GMO-free important to you?
Food has changed a lot in the last 3 decades. Today, we are fortunate to have access to information that explains how it has changed. Genetically modified foods have had their DNA altered in some way, to create a resistance to herbicides, a "solution" that has resulted in the evolution of new Super Bugs that survive and overcome the insect repellent. This is just one example of an unexpected outcome that can't be reversed in nature. Enough research exists to support the argument that genetically modified foods are altering fertility, red blood cell and cardiovascular health, and overall nutritional content in food.  Although we are a small company, we are focused on helping to increase the overall demand of non GMO foods.

3. What are your kids' favorite flavors?
The favorite is usually Chocolate Chip MySuperSnacks, followed by Blueberry Vanilla MySuperCookies and Apple Raisin MySuperSnacks.

Natural Sins

Natural Sins was invented a few years ago in a family house kitchen in Escazú, a small town in Costa Rica. Founders Ivan Sosa and Andrés Dominguez grew up in Venezuela and realized from an early age that they both shared the entrepreneurial spirit and a will to make an impact in our society. They always dreamed of founding a company together, so after years of eating Ivan’s mom’s baked fruit snacks, they decided to industrialize the production and make them available to consumers around the world. In September 2011, after months of intense research and sleepless nights, the company sold its first products in Costa Rica. Natural Sins innovation was recognized earlier this year as a Sofi Award finalist in the Outstanding Sweet Snack category, presented by the Specialty Food Association.

1. Why is it important that your products are all Non-GMO, Vegan, Paleo, and Kosher?
Those certifications are more and more important to consumers, so Natural Sins follows these trends. Building the Natural Sins brand has been both a personal challenge and a way to help international governments fight against the increasing obesity problem.

2. Is there a particular reason you use only certain ingredients?
Yes, we want to make our product the most simple and natural as possible, so we use only two ingredients: fresh fruit or vegetables, and a little bit of cane sugar. There are no preservatives, artificial coloring or artificial flavors.

3. Does Natural Sins do any community activities or outreach?
From an early stage, we made sure that Natural Sins was involved in supporting the Pavas Community of San José, where the factory is located. They make regular donations to the neighborhood Parish Maria Reina cafeterias for people in need, as well as create jobs for locals in the region.

4. Which flavor is your favorite?
We both really like the pineapple flavor!

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