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3 Cocktail Recipes from our Maker American Juice Company

Sep 16, 2016|By Marta Oddone
American Juice Company is all about helping every day people create custom, high quality cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Use any of their craft cocktail blends as a base, combine with ice, spirits, and soda or tonic water, and create perfect cocktails every time!

American Mule

If not prepared well, ginger cocktails can be aggressively spicy. This fresher twist on a Moscow Mule will ensure you have just the right amount of gingery kick, not a fiery bite that'll scorch your taste buds.


Blueberry Martini

This Blueberry Martini is enhanced with the delicate taste of apples that compliments the blueberries without overwhelming them. The vitamin-rich berries are loaded with antioxidants, which help to cleanse the body of toxins and strengthen the immune system.


For Liberty

American Juice Co's Lady Lychee mixer combines lychee fruits and strawberries with fragrance of roses to create a blend with a floral aroma and a delicious taste. If you've never tried lychee fruit, we think you're missing out! Lychees are a small, red, bumpy fruit about the size of a golf ball, that are native to Southern China and grown in tropical climates around the world. To eat them, just peel away the skin and enjoy the fruit inside (watch out for the brown seed in the center!). Or, just sip on this delicious concoction to test out the lychee flavor.

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