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Maker Monday: Meet Cape Whoopies and Three Lollies

Aug 22, 2016|By Sam Blau
Our two featured Makers this week are putting aside chemicals and preservatives to create the best natural products. We love that their sweet treats are unique and in one case, functional as well.

Cape Whoopies

Although it may not be common knowledge, Portland, Maine is a BIG foodie town. Food is not taken lightly, especially when it comes to the state’s favorite dessert, whoopie pies! Portland resident Marcia Wiggins is the owner and founder of Cape Whoopies, and loves being creative and coming up with new flavor combinations that people may not expect. Where else could you find a Vanilla Latte whoopee pie!?

Marcia and her husband (who does all the baking) also go beyond just the flavoring to create products with ingredients that are not typical of whoopie pies. Many are made with Crisco and a lot of powdered sugar. Marcia chooses to use better-for-you ingredients, and uses no preservatives or chemicals so that the natural flavors can shine.

Try out two of Marcia’s favorite flavors, Bromance and Vanilla Latte, and find more delicious Cape Whoopies flavors on Direct Eats.

Three Lollies

As a certified Registered Nurse, Noni Martin was familiar with the struggle that many pregnant women went through to control or treat the nausea that came with morning sickness. After trying a few products that were already on the market, she knew that the only way to get what she was looking for was to create it herself. She wanted a lollipop that was naturally flavored and worked consistently. After much research and multiple tests for flavors and quality, she and Dr. Jim Pathman released the first products in the Three Lollies line, and haven’t looked back since!

In addition to believing strongly in natural products, Noni and Jim believe that the best way to get safe and quality products is by having them made in the U.S. All of their manufacturing is done here in the country, which both ensures high quality and helps to support American-owned businesses. They also donate a portion of all proceeds to The Marni Fund for breast cancer research as well as Musicians On Call and Save the TaTas Foundation.

Find Three Lollies’ natural and soothing Preggie Pop Drops on Direct Eats!
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