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Maker Monday: Meet Coffee Blenders and Paleo Passion

Oct 24, 2016|By Marta Oddone
These two Makers have health and convenience at the forefront of everything they do. Single-serve coffees and grainless granola make a perfect pair for a nutritious breakfast on the go!

Coffee Blenders

Located in north San Diego county, Coffee Blenders creates gourmet, one of a kind coffee cups made with 100% Arabica coffee from Central and South America. Unlike other coffee companies, Coffee Blenders separates their products not only by strength, but by purpose. Ingredients like ginseng and  L-Theanine are added to certain blends to increase focus or help you relax.Their goal is to create a cup of coffee that’s not only delicious, but includes health benefits as well.

We love that in addition to single-serve coffee cups (K-cups), Coffee Blenders offers pour-over coffee.Their pour-over products are a simplified version of what you may see in your local artisan coffee shop. French presses and percolators, while efficient, sometimes create a bad tasting coffee because they cycle hot water through coffee grounds over and over again. Pour-over coffee allows you to control a variety of factors like pour pattern, pour speed, and water temperature to create a cup of coffee that’s customized to your taste. It is more time consuming than the usual preparation methods that we are used to, but the result is worth it! 

Find Coffee Blenders single serve cups and pour-over coffees here at Direct Eats. 

Paleo Passion

Paleo Passion, based in Connecticut, believes that it’s never too late to evolve what you eat. CEO Marty Sands founded the company after he and his wife discovered that it was difficult to find healthy snack foods in the grocery store that they felt comfortable feeding to their family. Marty’s wife has always been passionate about nutrition and health, and felt it was important to instill the same values in her children. 

That’s why rather than purchasing processed sugary snacks, they created their own all-natural, grain free granola  that doesn’t contain any added cane or refined sugars, artificial flavorings, colorings or sweeteners. Their products were created specifically with health and convenience in mind. 

We love that these granolas can be used as a grain-free alternative in recipes calling for oats or grains. Ingredients like coconut, chocolate, honey and maple add texture and and flavor to your favorite recipes. With a range of flavors that are gluten free, dairy free, and all natural, every member of the family can grab a bag on the go or add it to their yogurt or smoothie bowls for a nutritious breakfast or snack!
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