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Maker Monday: Meet Klara's Gourmet Cookies and Gustus Vitae

Oct 10, 2016|By Sam Blau

Klara's Gourmet Cookies

During her youth in the Czech Republic, Klara Sotonov and her family didn’t have access to mass produced baked goods. Instead, her grandmother taught her the traditional Czech baking methods that had been passed down through the family for generations. 

At the age of 19, Klara emigrated to the United States with a dream to open her own business. While working as an assistant restaurant manager in the Berkshires in 2006, she met her future husband, who happened to be a chef. She expressed her affection for him by baking him her family’s traditional vanilla walnut crescents, and from there the idea of Klara’s Gourmet Cookies was born! 
Now Klara lives in the Berkshire Hills with her husband and business partner Jefferson Diller and their daughter (their official cookie taster). Find all of her tasty treats here at Direct Eats. 

Gustus Vitae

Gustus Vitae is all about getting spices out of your pantry and onto your plate. With a name that means ‘Taste of Life' in Latin, it’s not surprising that they place a strong emphasis on trying new things, and experiencing new foods and tastes. 

Unlike many other spice companies, they don’t sacrifice quality for cost. Their spices are Non-GMO certified and are free of gluten, soy, nuts and dairy. Their sourcing team seeks local and international ingredients of the highest quality, which are then sent to their Los Angeles facility where they are hand packed into tins without being treated or irradiated. The tins are also completely American-made, and labels are printed on recycled paper. As proud members of the 1% For The Planet alliance, they make every effort to produce their products and run their company sustainably. 

We love that they bring us flavors from all over the world (without damaging the planet!) and that they’re already mixed, so they’re easy to use. Gustus Vitae is the perfect choice for a foodie or cook who is looking to explore new flavors but is unsure of where to start. Find their unique flavors here on Direct Eats. 

Check out this recipe video for Avocado Stuffed Cajun Chicken Sandwiches using the Taste of Cajun seasoning from their Fiery Flavors Gourmet Seasoning & Rub Collection.

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