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6 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water

Jul 19, 2016|By Sam Blau
We've all been told since a young age that water is beneficial to our overall health. But what kind of benefits does it have for us in terms of health and beauty? We've searched all over to find the real reasons why a whopping 64 ounces a day can help keep us healthy and glowing.

1. Look energized

First and foremost, our body needs it to function. Approximately 50 to 70% of our body mass is made up of water, including skin, tissues, cells and organs. Drinking water helps your whole system run smoothly, and will make you look and feel awake and energized.

2. Get clear skin

When impurities or toxins build up under the skin, they can cause issues like acne. Water flushes these out, so drink up!

3. Fight wrinkles

Water is essential for maintaining healthy skin. It delivers essential nutrients to our skin cells, and replenishes skin issues to keep wrinkles at bay.

4. Prevent dry skin

This may seem obvious, but keeping your skin hydrated from the inside and out helps prevent dry and flaky skin, and keeps you looking radiant, toned and supple.

5. Healthy hair

Just like our skin, hair also needs hydration from inside out. Dehydration has a direct impact on the growth of hair, and lack of moisture can result in dry and brittle strands. Stay hydrated to help your hair grow long and healthy.

6. Stronger nails

Your nails are also affected by your water intake - if you are dehydrated, they may be brittle and crack easily. Sip on more water to get stronger nails and smooth cuticles. Don't like plain water? Try a refreshing coconut water or a vitamin water like All Beauty Water formulated to help nourish and hydrate your skin from within.
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