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How to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Jul 18, 2016|By Sam Blau
We’ve all been there – you wake up in the morning, get dressed, and then spend 20-30 minutes applying beauty products. We all like to look our best, but why does it have to take so much time?! Luckily, we’ve found an easier way. With these 4 products your beauty routine will leave you glowing and ready to face the day, and it only takes 10 minutes – tops! 

Step 1: Clean up your act
Wake your skin up and get it squeaky clean with this organic face wash from Nittany Valley Organics. It’s oil free, fragrance free and incredibly gentle so it's safe for all types of skin.

Step 2: Get toned (and moisturized)
Why use two different products when you can use one? This toning moisturizer from TWEAK Botanicals is made with organic and natural ingredients, and tightens pores while leaving your skin smooth, soft, and ready for any makeup you want to apply.  Bonus: It comes in 3 different formulas to fit every skin type!

Step 3: Get glowing
Your makeup routine will never be easier than this. Just like the two-in-one toner-moisturizer, this natural tinted lip balm from Marnie's Naturals can be used on your lips as well as smoothed onto your cheekbones for a subtle shimmery glow. Made with coconut, lime and grapefruit, it will leave you smelling amazing!

Step 4: Smooth it out
Don’t forget that the rest of your body deserves some love as well. Save time in the morning by applying this Jasmine Body Butter from Rosemira Organics before bed to lock in moisture and keep skin from drying overnight. Or use this after a shower for smooth, healthy skin all day long. 

You’re now ready to go out and start your day.  If you want to, you still have time to swipe on some eyeliner or eye shadow for an extra pop of color. Then grab your purse and head out the door!
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