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Five on 5: Our Makers in the News

Jul 5, 2016|By Marta Oddone
This week’s reading: Our Makers featured in the news!

1. Essie Spice

Essie Bartels, owner and spice mixologist of Essie Spice, wants to spread her love of food and flavors from her home in Ghana to the U.S. She introduces traditional West-African flavors through her spice blends and sauces using ingredients indigenous to the region, such as Grains of Selim, calabash nutmeg, guinea pepper, and alligator pepper. Learn more about Essie’s story from learning to cook in her mom’s tiny kitchen, to giving up her day job to pursue her dream. 

2. Bliss Nut Butters

Our Maker Bliss Nut Butters was featured on the popular dairy-free lifestyle website, Go Dairy Free. The review describes the line of nut butters as a “naturally delicious bite enhanced with the perfect dollop of honey,” and are “perfect atop rice cakes, toast, apples, and more.” We couldn’t agree more! And even better, all Bliss Nut Butters are dairy-free, non-dairy, egg-free, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free, and vegetarian. Read the full review here.

3. NibMor

NibMor All Natural Dark Chocolate Bars were also recently reviewed on Go Dairy Free. The reviewer claimed they are “beyond addictive with a wonderfully sweet and creamy bite!” The bars come in 3 different flavors, blueberry, raspberry, and cacao nibs. Check out their recipe for Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream for a delectable summertime treat!

4. Georgia Grinders

Another one of our delicious nut butter Makers, Georgia Grinders, was featured in The Gourmet Retailer as a perfect healthy snack for kids. They offer enticing flavors for kids like Pecan Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Vanilla Nut Butter, while having no added sugars or oils. Try their nut butters spread on fruit, graham crackers, or veggies, on a sandwich for lunch, or even in a smoothie for a protein-packed breakfast!

5. Steamm Espresso

We love to see our Makers supporting great causes – like the Shot@Life campaign, a part of the United Nations Foundation. Steamm Espresso believes that everyone has a unique opportunity to change the world, and has partnered with Shot@Life so that each espresso shot sold helps provide a polio immunization to a child in a developing country. Through the partnership with Shot@Life, Steamm is taking part in the monumental efforts to make polio a disease of the past.
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