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Five on 5: Protein Bars to Pure Barre

May 25, 2016|By Samantha Goodnow
Get ready for some reads! On the 5th, 15th, and 25th of each month, we’ll share our favorite articles from the world wide web of healthful influencers.

This week’s reading: Bars Bonanza

Protein bars, fruit and nut bars, chia bars, granola bars… at Direct Eats, we love to set the bar and raise it. That’s why we carry over 1,000 bars for you to choose from. Check out these thoughtful reads for 45+ reasons why bars are better-for-you staples!

1. Raise the bar!
Bars are perfectly portable snacks that keep you fueled all day long. But are there added bonuses when you choose organic or all natural bars? Most definitely! Read more and learn 12 Reasons Why You Should Eat Organic Snack Bars.

2. Not every granola or protein bar is ‘good for you’
Which is why we love organic or natural bars that are better for you. Check out Greatist’s round-up of 15 bars that are actually healthy, then try them for yourself – we carry all 15!

3. Smaller meals throughout the day
Snacking on bars helps you spread out your smaller meals throughout the day. It is highly recommended to graze on small meals and snacks during the day, as for many people it can boost metabolisms and help you stay consistently satiated. Read more on Reasons To Eat More Often.

Okay, okay – this is a different type of bar(re). But still, a better-for-you kind of bar! Pure Barre classes have gained popularity over the past few months, and if you haven’t experienced the benefits yet, read on to see how you can switch up your work out routine by heading to the barre. Spoiler: you don’t have to be a ballerina to crush this work out.

5. Direct Eats Maker spotted in the news!
Check out this interview with Nicole Bernard Dawes, the founder of organic, non-GMO snack brand Late July Snacks. She details her top tips for creating a happy work place environment, even when the going gets crazy. We think a snack break is a major way to power through your day!
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