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4 Unique College Care Packages

Oct 7, 2016|By Dylan Fisher
If your kids are off at college, they’ve likely been away for over a month and some feelings of homesickness may be starting to set in. Not to mention, you might be starting to miss them after all! Whether your child is beginning their collegiate journey for the first time or in their senior year, you can be sure there will be times when they really do miss home and your home cooked meals.

While it may not be feasible to send a crockpot filled with their favorite dinner, you can settle for the next best option and send a care package filled with natural products! Below are some custom-designed care packages that are sure to make your beauty queen, sweet tooth, breakfast lover and movie fanatic student the most popular kid in the dorms.  

For the Beauty Queen

Boo Bamboo Finishing Hair Spray: Perfect for all hair types, this all-purpose hair spray will help them polish off their look!

Kiss My Face Coconut Facial Moisturizer: A must-have for the upcoming winter season. 

Sheer Miracle Organic Makeup Remover: Take off any signs of late nights out with this makeup remover that’s gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

J.R. Watkins Hand And Cuticle Salve: Another must-have for winter when hands get extra dry. We love the fresh lemon scent! 

Got a Sweet Tooth?

Sea Salt Cocomels: A classic salty/sweet combination, these chewy candies are irresistible, delivering a mouth-watering experience with minimal ingredients.

Field Day Chocolate Cream Cookies: Think of these as a healthier Oreo cookie. Pour some milk and dunk away! 

SunCup Dark Chocolate Cups: Not only are these cups wrapped delicious dark chocolate and full of flavor, they are also filled with sunflower butter, providing protein to get you through your day.

Heavenly Organics Chocolate Almond Honey Patties: These patties contain both 100% cocoa and 100% raw honey, offering immunity-boosting antioxidants while curbing your sweet tooth. 

Breakfast Does a Body Good

Back To Nature Apple Blueberry Granola: Grab some yogurt and toss in a handful of this crunchilicious granola for a hearty breakfast they can eat on the go or bring to class.

Peace Cereals Maple Pecan Cereal: Cure your morning hunger with a bowl full of whole grains, crunchy flakes and nutty pecans.

Jacquet Belgian Waffles: These authentic Belgian style waffles are ready to eat straight out of the packaging, making them perfect for a busy morning.

Settle in for Movie Night

HillBilly Kettle Korn: A bowl of popcorn makes even the best of movies that much better. Easily sharable, HillBilly Kettle Korn is not short on salty or sweet flavor.

Garden Of Eatin’ Blue Corn Chips: Crunchy texture, organic, and hard to put down, these corn chips are a little loud for a movie theater, but perfect for your next Netflix night in.

Salpica Salsa Con Queso: For the corn chips of course! Who doesn’t love a good cheese dip? 

Annie’s Homegrown Pizza Snack Mix: More cheese for your taste buds! This combo of cheddar crackers, buttery rich crackers and pretzels seasoned with cheese, tomato pizza sauce flavors and Italian herbs is utterly addicting and perfect for sharing.

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