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Maker Monday: Meet Blends by Orly and Kitchfix

Oct 17, 2016|By Sam Blau
Our Makers this week are passionate about making products that everyone can enjoy, even those with food allergies or diet restrictions. Blends by Orly’s gluten-free baking mixes and Kitchfix grain-free granola let people enjoy delicious baked goods and healthy granolas without worry.

Blends by Orly

Orly Gottesman, founder and owner of Blends by Orly, found herself facing a dilemma when her foodie husband was diagnosed with celiac disease. While they lived in Paris, Orly was able to indulge in world-famous pastries while her husband could only dream of trying them. Orly became determined to find the secret to creating gluten-free pastries, and along the way discovered her talent for baking. When the couple moved to Australia, Orly studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney under a world champion pastry chef. Her goal was simple: to provide an easy way for people to prepare food that are so good, you wouldn’t even know they’re gluten free. 

Her solution: Her four unique blends suitable for a range of baked goods. Unlike wheat flour, when you are creating gluten-free treats, there is no one solution that works for everything. Each blend, named after one of the four cities Orly has lived in, is specifically designed to mimic the taste and texture that you may find in a regular wheat flour pastry. 

Orly’s favorite treat to bake is a chocolate babka, a classic Jewish yeast dough pastry. You can find her recipe here

We love that all Blends by Orly products are manufactured locally in upstate New York, and we love that they’re vegan, dairy free, nut free,  and corn free - nobody has to miss out on the fun! Learn more about Orly's story in this video!


As a personal chef to clients overcoming cancer, Chef Josh firmly believed in the healing power of food. He followed special cooking plans that avoided common allergies to make sure that his clients’ bodies were thriving and never slowed down from the foods they ate. The trick was finding foods that were both nutritious and enjoyable, so that people could still eat what they loved, with a slightly healthier twist. People fell in love with his food, and as he began to deliver prepared meals and snacks all around Chicago, Kitchfix was born. 

Chef Josh’s new goal was to create a snack that his clients could always have when they were craving something delicious and filling. He ended up creating a special grain free granola featuring a blend of nuts, seeds, seasonings and a few add-ins like coconut for sweetness. People loved it - easy to carry around, easy to eat, easy to love! 

We love that Kitchfix granolas are all a little different, but still have the same core values - grain free, no processed sugar, no soy. Try them as an easy snack on the go, or put them in your yogurt each morning for an easy and nutritious breakfast. Check out all of Kitchfix’s granola products here at Direct Eats. 
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