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Jumpstart Your Healthy School Year with Direct Eats!

Aug 16, 2016|By Marta Oddone
With the start of a new school year on the horizon, busy parents are mindful of equipping their kids with everything needed for a healthy start. Packing a child’s lunch is both essential and complicated. Thanks to Direct Eats, nutritious snacking just got a whole lot easier. 

Direct Eats is an online marketplace that sells a wide selection of natural and organic products, with a key feature of being able to sort foods according to dietary needs and restrictions. This makes purchasing snacks that comply with school standards, as well ensuring safe options for kids with food sensitivities, a breeze.

Beginning in mid-August, Direct Eats is launching a new program to encourage healthy eating for children in the form of branded lunchboxes filled with better versions of kids’ favorite snacks, each carefully-selected from The lunchboxes with snacks will be offered as a free gift with qualifying purchases on the site. For every lunchbox redeemed, Direct Eats will donate $5.00 to the 501c3 organization, End Hunger Connecticut! (EHC!). EHC! focuses on anti-hunger advocacy, outreach, education and research for low-income Connecticut families. 

“We are thrilled to benefit from this innovative program. Our organization aims to lower food insecurity and hunger on a statewide level and they’re helping us reach our goal,” says Lucy Nolan, Executive Director of EHC!

 EHC! seeks out new and innovative ways to feed kids in the summer and all year round. Through the organization’s outreach and technical assistance programs, low-income children are receiving the healthy meals they need to succeed to learn and play. 

“We’re showing that kids and parents can both be happy about what snacks get packed for school, as well as helping EHC! in their mission to provide for low-income families,” says David Hack, Chairman and CEO of Direct Eats.

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