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Direct Eats Acquires Abe’s Market

May 10, 2016|By Direct Eats
Direct Eats announced today that it has acquired the business and brands of Abe’s Market, a competing distributor in the online food industry, positioning Direct Eats as the standout leader in the e-commerce space for organic, natural and specialty food products.

The combination will not only add a significant number of new products to Direct Eats’ already robust inventory of more than 20,000 natural food and beauty items, it also will open the newer Direct Eats to a wider audience – one that has grown on Abe’s Market since 2009.

David Hack, Founder of Direct Eats, said, “We’re really excited for this acquisition. The Direct Eats team is prepared to welcome the Abe’s customers to the site, and we know they’ll be extremely excited with our unmatched value proposition of best food, best prices, best selection, and always free shipping with no membership fee.” 

Direct Eats’ business model is designed to help consumers get the lowest available price per product, a value that will only be enhanced by this deal. The site will continue to provide free shipping on every product, with no membership fees and the added convenience of being able to stock your pantry without having to leave your house. 

“Convenience is critical to me as a busy mom, and I believe a feature that the Abe’s Market customers will really appreciate is how we’ve categorized all products on the site by 17 dietary and taste preferences. You can find what you want and love, fast,” said Lisa Tambini, Direct Eats’ Senior Director of Marketing. 

Andrew Heyer, a key Abe’s Market Board Member, said, “Customers will be thrilled to see that their favorite products are now less expensive plus they’ll get an even wider selection, and with free shipping which Direct Eats has had since its inception.”

Since launched to the public in 2015, the site’s success has been evidenced by an increase in the average order by more than 50%. Consumer interest, as measured in site visitation, has seen an increase of nearly 138%. The addition of the business and brands of Abe’s Market is expected to contribute a significant amount of fiscal growth to Direct Eats and to grow its social media channels by hundreds of thousands.
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