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Why Are Peanut Allergies So Dangerous?

May 24, 2016|By Dylan Fisher
About four percent of adults in the U.S. have food allergies. While these dietary issues are always a source of concern, they are particularly troubling when they involve peanuts.

Easily the leading cause of death due to food allergy, peanuts claim the lives of an estimated 50 to 100 people each year in America. Between one and two percent of the population is allergic to peanuts, making it one of the most common food allergies. So, why is one of the world’s favorite nuts so dangerous?

Because nuts are common ingredients in many recipes, the risk of people with peanut allergies consuming them by accident is quite high. Those with severe allergies can experience a potentially deadly reaction if they ingest even trace amounts of peanut proteins. A potentially fatal allergic reaction, anaphylaxis can cause the throat to swell, making it difficult to breathe. This is especially dangerous for people with respiratory problems like asthma.

Allergic reactions have even been caused by airborne peanut particles. Purchasing products with special food allergen labels from reliable sources can reduce the chance of accidental exposure.

Unfortunately, only about twenty percent of children grow out of a peanut allergy. The rest must typically deal with the issue for their entire lives.

For all these reasons and more, a peanut allergy is no laughing matter. Buying from sources that specially cater to those with nut allergies is an excellent option for people who suffer from a severe peanut allergy. Just like some vendors offer gluten-free products online, others cater to the needs of those with peanut allergies. By finding peanut-free and gluten-free products online, individuals and families with special diets can stay safe and healthy.
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