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Food Allergy Action Month With Blue The Monkey

Apr 29, 2016|By Dylan Fisher
Direct Eats has partnered with Katia Dabdoub Hechema, author of Blue the Monkey who was Allergic to Bananas in support of May’s Allergy Action Month. Beginning May 1st, we will be sharing our favorite allergy friendly products, food allergy facts, and allergy friendly recipes.

Being a site that carries hundreds of allergy friendly products, Direct Eats takes food allergy awareness very seriously, much like Hechema, who is raising two children both dealing with food allergies/intolerance.

Peanut is the most common allergen, milk is second, shellfish is third, according to AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America). Direct Eats allows customers to shop by 16 different diets and lifestyle options so they can feel confident in what they are putting into their bodies.

As a child I suffered from allergies and asthma. I remember the wheezing, the hours of sneezing, the nights spent scratching. The medicine, the tests and the Dr’s visits. It is my hope that this little book will assist families like ours, to have a vehicle for discussion, education, and enabling their children. To prepare them for allergy testing and let them feel less alone and more validated in their feelings. In the end, what is crucial is to stay safe and that can only be done by educating them,” said Hechema.

Fifteen million Americans are estimated to have food allergies according to FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education). Direct Eats provides people with allergies a place to shop with great prices and ingredient transparency.
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