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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Active and Healthy

Aug 15, 2016|By Sam Blau
You know the scene: the eerie quiet on a summer day when children should be outside running around, playing games, making forts in the backyard, but instead choose to sit inside staring at the screens of their smart phones or PS3. In an age where technology rules, it’s easy to see how keeping kids active and healthy can be more challenging than it has been in the past. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways parents can encourage their youngsters to get off their phone or tablet and get back outside! Whether you’re a parent, babysitter, or an older sibling, try these four easy ways to set the right example and help keep kids lean, strong and energetic.

1. Teach young dogs new tricks

Try teaching kids games you played when you were young or introduce them to new ones they are unfamiliar with. Kids may be more likely to try a novel game rather than another round of tag, so try the Kickin’ Putt, an old-fashioned outdoor game combining the fun of soccer, kickball, flying discs and golf. Ages three and up can all play and creative kids can invent their own version or set up a neighborhood tournament.

2. Get moving outside

If they just won’t give up their devices, at least take them outside! Portable Bluetooth speakers suitable for outdoor use, like Rock-Out Speaker, let kids move the dance party to where there’s lots more space for moving and grooving.

3. Lead by example

Kids often see parents and other adults as their main influencers. Be the best example for your kids and show them that living a healthy lifestyle is the way to go. Take them for a bike ride or hike on a local trail, or spend an afternoon making tasty healthy snacks for them to take to school during the week. Try this yummy homemade granola bars recipe, it’s quick, easy, and one the whole family can enjoy!

4. Stock up on healthier snacks

Swap out high calorie and sugar-laden snacks with lower-calorie, healthier versions. For instance, forget the plastic-like fruit roll-ups and try Annie’s certified organic bunny-shaped fruit snacks, made with real fruit juice. Try Field Day Organic’s 100 Calorie Butter Flavored Popcorn Mini Pack instead of that chemical-filled movie theater popcorn. Or swap regular potato chips for fruit and veggie crisps such as Natural Sins Crispy Mango Chips.

Keeping kids active and healthy is no simple task when the alternatives (electronic devices and junk food) can often seem like the easier option. A few simple changes like those listed above could have your kids looking and feeling better than ever!
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