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About Us

At Direct Eats, we take food personally.

Our backgrounds and experiences of living with dietary restrictions directly shapes our commitment to stocking the best delicious and allergy-friendly food.

Our founders spent years juggling their families’ food allergies. Meeting everyone’s needs required daily vigilance to stay safe and healthy. That meant hours driving between grocery stores and scouring the aisles after busy workdays, only to find a handful of items their families could eat. 

Grocery shopping shouldn’t be a puzzle. Whether you’re caring for your own needs, your child’s, or your partner’s, we know your struggle, and we aim to take the burden off your plate—replacing it with new tasty, care-free ingredients that meet your dietary needs.

To make shopping easier, we’ve introduced the following features:

 • Lifestyle kits – Your family’s go-to options for breakfast, midday snacks, and light lunches. To help you taste-test, we’ve assembled allergen-free Lifestyle Kits with the best available foods for people with gluten allergies, peanut allergies, and other dietary restrictions. Try out a variety of items, then keep your pantry stocked with your favorites.


 • Shop by need – With our unique search feature, you can shave down the time you spend reading labels. Check all applicable dietary restrictions (choose from dairy free, peanut free, non-GMO, more). Then, view only the products that meet your specific needs.

With these tools, we hope to add a little more joy to your family meals and your life.

We believe the best ingredients make the best products, so that’s why we don’t sell anything made with ‘the bad stuff.’ We have a set of strict standards that every product sold on our site must meet, and we filter out any products containing harmful or questionable ingredients. 

Thank you for shopping with Direct Eats!

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